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3 Best Payment Processing Solutions for Your Online Business

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Online shopping is witnessing unprecedented growth, especially after COVID. And the need for quicker, easier and safer online payment processing solutions has grown around the globe. If you’re a merchant interested in where you can get the best payment processing solutions, this article can help you make the right decision. 

Payment Processing Companies 

The digital payments segment’s global transaction value accounted for US$5,204 billion in 2020. It’s the biggest segment within fintech. 

Payment processing companies, also called payment processors, serve as intermediaries between businesses and their customers. Thanks to processors, payments can be processed, and customers can complete smooth and secure online purchases.

So, how is this process completed? First, the payment processing solution receives a request from a customer via a merchant’s website. Then, the authentication process of payment details starts. After the authentication process is complete, and the buyer has enough funds in his or her account, the funds go from the buyer’s account to the merchant’s account, and the online payment processing gets completed. 

Best Payment Processing Solutions

Why do people love digital payments? First, they make it convenient for customers to process payments with the help of a few clicks. Second, online payments are easy to complete: they require only a few seconds. Third, online payments are faster to complete as compared to cash. Moreover, these payments enable businesses operating internationally to serve their customers globally. 

Here are some of the best payment processors to consider: 

  • provides a payment gateway as an extremely versatile tool for eCommerce. It features a solid feature set, including recurring billing and eCheck or ACH processing.

  • enables online businesses to offer more payment methods and currencies to their customers. It features one of the best-in-class credit card and alternative payment gateways.

  • GoCardless

GoCardless allows online merchants to process one-off and recurring payments right from customers’ bank accounts through the GoCardless online payment processing solution.

To be able to choose the most suitable payment processing solution for your eCommerce business, you’d better work with a reliable payments comparison company like With Best Payment Providers U.S. that’s dedicated to offering the most unbiased review of processors, you can be sure to get fast and easy access to the best payment processing solutions in the industry. 

Top Payment Processing Solutions for Your eCommerce Business

No matter whether you’re just starting your online business or want to add more sales to your physical store, you should choose the right payment processing solution for your business. It would be best to work with a reputable payments comparison company that can help you make the right choice.