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BitPay’s Deal With Apple Pay: Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Know BitPay’s new offerings concerning cryptocurrencies. Find a true payment comparison expert.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

BitPay has partnered with Apple Pay and is working on enabling its wallet and prepaid card to be backed by Google Pay and Samsung Pay Wallets. If you need more information concerning the deal and want to find a true payment comparison expert in the U.S., follow the lines below. 

BitPay’s Deal With Apple Pay

Thanks to Bitcoin wallet BitPay, Prepaid MasterCard users in the U.S. can now use Apple Wallet and Apple Pay to add their card. So, the users can now use their Bitcoins over the internet, in stores and in apps. Moreover, BitPay has decided to offer support for Google Pay and Samsung Pay. 

Everything is simple: you just need to obtain the most recent version of the BitPay app and add the BitPay card to Apple Wallet. Be aware that BitPay tops the world’s providers of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services.

According to the global investment bank RBC Capital Markets, this is a beneficial deal for Apple Pay as it has to do with cryptocurrency offerings. The integrating of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay make things easier for the BitPay Card users. Namely, it allows for using the card in multiple places both for simple items and luxury products. 

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BitPay for Cryptocurrency Acceptance

The integration with major mobile wallets paves a path towards digital currency expansion as a payment option. In 2020, both Visa and MasterCard expanded their crypto card programs. Specifically, as of December 2020, Visa offered 32 global crypto card programs and MasterCard offered 7, as Insider Intelligence from The Block reported. 

By the way, if you’re a BitPay customer waiting for your plastic card, be aware that Apple Pay via the BitPay Wallet accepts your virtual card. Just add it and start using it right off the bat until your card arrives. 

In conclusion, BitPay has recently announced the integration of its BitPay Prepaid Mastercard with Apple Pay for purchases in stores, in apps, and over the internet. The support for Google Pay and Samsung Pay is another offer that BitPay has planned.