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Google Pay Announces Grocery Integration and Deals

Google Pay Adds Grocery Deals

Friday, August 13th, 2021

In a recent announcement, Google just revealed that its app, Google Pay, just moved up to the next level in convenience and options. The company shared (April 29) that it is building even more functionality into its digital wallet app, including the ability to find deals on groceries at Safeway and Target markets.

Where the Story of Super Apps Began

What are super apps? Where did they begin, and what purpose do they serve now? Back in 2010, an investment group announced its “Super Apps Developer Challenge”. According the RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, the super app was originally made to make the most of BlackBerry phone’s capabilities (e.g. pop-up notifications).

Fast forward to today, the definition of a super app has evolved. It has now become something that eliminates the friction of the payment experience. From reducing the number of apps with cards on file to filling the gap in access that already exists, super apps are “super” in that they consolidate other apps.

Google is not the only company to jump into the super app arena, far from it. PayPal is quickly transforming itself into a super app. Facebook has also voiced its ambitions with its Calibra (aka Novi) announcement in 2019. In doing so, the social media giant will be able to easily incorporate its other properties like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Google Dives into Grocery Integration

Last year, Google Pay added the ability to organize payments around people and businesses within the app. It also enabled savings at hundreds of merchants directly in the app. This recent announcement takes things a step further by expanding even more functionality for users. 

First, the public transportation option will now include Chicago and San Francisco. Adding two more locations to the already 80-plus cities the app boasts. “Once you purchase a transit card, there’s no need to unlock your phone. Just hold it to the reader and go. In cities without readers, commuters can simply show their visual tickets on their mobile devices,” the company explained in a recent release.

Second, thanks to grocery integration, users will be able to find weekly grocery deals at Target stores and Safeway stores nationwide. Enable notification services, and the user will automatically have savings opportunities pop up.

Merchants Seek New Offerings for Customers

Google’s announcement is one of many changes transforming the payment industry. While physical locations experienced a decline during the pandemic, the use of options like mobile apps skyrocketed. If your business is seeking new ways to satisfy your customers’ payment processing preferences, be sure to check out the information the experts at provide. Find a provider that is right for your business, and secure processing options that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.