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The Best of Pinwheel Credit Card Processing

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Are you considering Pinwheel for your payment processing needs? Partnering with a processor is a big decision, one that no business should take lightly. Your payment processing experience will leave a lasting impression on your customers, and it will ultimately affect your bottom line and future growth. 

One of the best on the market today, Pinwheel’s platform offers you a full suite of payment products. From subscription billing and cryptocurrency to automated fraud tools, the features you gain empower you to manage your revenue, securely build your business and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Benefits of Working with a Payment Processor

The ability to process credit cards and debit card payments via a payment processor might seem obvious. But have you ever considered what would happen to your operations without this merchant service? Without it, your business would be forced to operate in cash only – and today, customers want choice, especially when it comes to how they pay.

With the right payment processor, like Pinwheel, you can also put together the best mix of payment alternatives to serve your customers. Ultimately, who you partner with will determine whether you can offer all the payment alternatives your customers want to ensure they are happy, satisfied and continue to spread the word about their experience with you.

Pinwheel: The Payment Engine

With Pinwheel, your business can easily process card-not-present transactions, thanks to the processor’s straightforward API, hosted forms, and other key tools. The task is simple for merchants: simply key in transactions to the virtual terminal and gain access to additional features that boost the user experience, such as tokenization, electronic invoicing, automated email receipts, and integration to third-party shopping carts.

Pinwheel Pros, Cons, and Reviews

One of the most commonly cited benefits of Pinwheel is the advanced features the processor provides, including 3D Secure, multi-currency conversion, cryptocurrency processing, and the ability to integrate with Spotify. Merchants also appreciate the supportive, helpful staff. The only issue found was that when Pinwheel Pay is selected as the main payment option within the Spotify platform, the customer is redirected to Pinwheel’s third-party processing page; customers say they would prefer to stay on the Shopify checkout page instead of being redirected.

One glowing review states that “Shopify recommended Pinwheel and they ended up making the process so easy, it took no time at all! I love that you can customize your checkout, so customers feel confident when entering their payment information.”