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The Most Effective POS Systems for Retail in 2022

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

The best POS (Point of sale) system for your retail business will depend on the size and nature of your business. Retail businesses invest in a POS system to process transactions and track inventory and sales history. 

A fully integrated POS system will improve customer loyalty, increase earnings and grow your business. Yet, for most businesses, a good POS system will cost you upwards of $500 for the hardware, and the monthly cost of the software will be between $75 – and $150.

We have listed the top four best retail POS systems on the market which cater to different needs. We also include the pros and cons for each.


eHopper is a leading free mobile POS system that works on both windows and android. Its key features are splitting payments, receipt inventory, employee management, and order tracking.

This system is best suited for small retail businesses like restaurants, liquor stores, and gaming parlors. 


  • eHopper needs no contract.
  • It comes with built-in payment processing.
  • eHopper provides an omnichannel plan.


  • The free plan will not include support and technical assistance.
  • You must invest in hardware unless you have the free offer.

Square POS

Square POS is another system that comes with no monthly charges. Instead, you will only pay for the hardware and per-transaction cost.

Its key features include a direct marketing campaign, digital receipt, inventory tracking, and eCommerce.

Square POS also works on windows, android, and IOS systems. Hence retailers can manage their inventory from any device.


  • User friendly and easy to set up.
  • It comes with an offline option.
  • Able to conduct a customer survey.


  • Must buy the hardware
  • Processing fees are very costly.
  • Some activities may switch off your account, and support will have to resolve it for you.

Lightspeed POS

This cloud-based system is suitable for retailers, especially in the garment industry. The software is available in monthly subscriptions and offers full-time support and a technical team.

Light speed offers your business tools for inventory management, customer profile, payment, and store management.

This system provides multiple store options and will sync all store locations.


  • It offers robust payment options best for contactless payments.
  • Gives reward points to your customers, encouraging their loyalty.
  • It supports multichannel options for your business.


  • Expensive
  • Hardware is not included.

Clover POS

This system is best suited for large-scale retailers. It offers extra employee management, marketing programs, and customer management functions.

Clover system has both hardware and mobile option that also provides contactless payments. Furthermore, this system can either be a server or web-based.


  • It works offline.
  • Clover offers full-time support and technical assistance.
  • Once approved, hardware gets shipped overnight.


  • It has hidden fees.
  • A business owner should pitch to a sales rep when applying.
  • You should have a merchant account.

Retail businesses will deliver with great ease and flexibility with the introduction of a POS system. Its record-keeping ability will greatly help a merchant in understanding the progress of their business and areas to improve.