Top 4 POS Systems for the Restaurant Industry

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Thursday, January 14th, 2021

This year has been a challenge for every business across all industries, due to the pandemic and the restrictions that followed. The restaurant industry has suffered more than most. When it comes to the top challenges they face, fifty-two percent of restaurant owners say high operating and food costs have the biggest impact on their bottom line. 

To manage them, restaurateurs are increasingly turning to point of sale (POS) systems to track inventory, analyze sales, and safely process payments. With the right software, they are also able to manage employees and accept online orders – an especially important ability during times like these, as more and more transactions, move online.

If your restaurant is one of the many that needs exceptional merchant services, the following list will help you get started. Below, you will find a list of the best POS Systems for restaurants in 2020, compiled by the experts at Best Payment Providers.


This year, TouchBistro is considered the best overall POS system for restaurant owners. It provides customizable options with seemingly endless capability. Because it only requires having an iPad to get started, it is also considered a straightforward option. It also offers business owners inventory management tools and a comprehensive customer support center. And you can take advantage of add-ons like self-serve kiosks, kitchen display systems, customer-facing displays, and digital menu boards. One downside is that the credit card processing fees are not listed on site.


Since 2009, Square has been providing free and paid POS options to many different types of merchants. This free solution helps restaurateurs easily oversee their eatery and simplify the ordering process. Considering this POS system is not only free but also offers integrated payment processing and can be used on unlimited devices, it’s easy to see why it has earned the spot of the best free POS software. This software integrates with many programs, including 7Shifts, Quickbooks, Xero, and Chowly. Keep in mind that this option does not offer 24/7 support.


The biggest reason this software option has grown in popularity is that it allows restaurant owners to optimize their dine-in menu, oversee their marketing and train employees all from one system. It boasts a live mobile app, a built-in marketing program and offers a long list of reporting features. First launched in 2009, Upserve’s flexibility and feature-rich options has earned it the top spot in the dine-in restaurant’s category. Although, this option can become expensive if you decide to add terminals.


If your restaurant is in need of software that offers low-priced add-ons for delivery and loyalty programs, Lightspeed may be what you’re looking for. Founded in 2005, Lightspeed is the oldest, and therefore very experienced, at providing versatile carry-out features. Easily set different prices and tax rates for carry-out and delivery, and take advantage of the map feature that allows you to view delivery addresses. Software and hardware add-ons start at $12 per month and include customer-facing displays, kitchen display systems and self-order table menus. One downside is that there are extra fees for delivery integration.

If your restaurant needs payment processing options and a source that keeps it up-to-date on the latest merchant services and industry news, consider the information Best Payment Providers has to offer. Get the latest updates and tips that will ensure your business has everything it needs to operate smoothly and provide its customers with the very best options.