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Top Billing APIs

Find the top billing APIs. Know how they can help you with your billing statements and payments.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Billing customers is no longer a cut and dry situation: the billing industry has changed a lot in recent years. Just check out the billing APIs (Application Programming Interface) options below to know how they can help you with your business. 

The Billing Industry 

The recent years have brought a lot of changes to the billing industry. The growing digital transformation has facilitated the way you manage your billing statements and payments. Mostly, they’ve become paperless, and customers can choose from multiple payment options instead of having only 1 or 2 choices. On the other hand, billers also have more than one option to bill.

Modern tech-based businesses often turn to the use of APIs to get the necessary data for the automation of critical workflows. This way, they can enjoy extended possibilities, which will open up new doors for growth. 

Let’s see how an API works. In fact, it serves as a middleman between different applications or machines. If you need an API for payments, be sure it’ll facilitate the processing of mobile payments and simplify your mobile transactions, meanwhile making them faster.  

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Top Billing APIs

Payment APIs can help you better manage your payments. If you’re running an eCommerce site, you can rely on them for credit card processing, order tracking, and customer list management. Here’re 14 options to consider:

  • Stripe API

Allows for keeping track of payments and customers, searching past payments, as well as creating recurring charges.

  • Noodlio Pay 

Offers a simpler and streamlined wrapping for the Stripe API.

  • Square API 

You can use this alternative to Stripe for small vendors with a physical storefront and an online presence.

  • PayPal API 

Try this one for taking payments from PayPal users.

  • Ayden 

This is another option for hosting payment forms for sellers.

  • Recurly APITrack 

You can use this for programmatically accessing the platform and integrating recurring billing features.

  • Shopify Billing APITrack 

As a component of the Shopify Admin API, this one can help build eCommerce solutions.

Be aware that any successful API provider focuses on actively engaging with their developer communities. This way, a vibrant ecosystem of developers and partners can be built enabling them to extend the reach of their API strategy.

As you see, you can find more than one API out there. A Billing Application Programming Interface allows for integrating billing services into your own applications. So, shop around and find the best option for your own needs.