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Top High-Risk Merchant Account Providers for Tech Support

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

The technology industry has been developing with overwhelming speed over the past decade – and things are continuing to grow. According to recent statistics by Web Tribunal, by 2025, 38.6 billion smart devices will be collecting, analyzing, and sharing data.

Even though the tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, merchants continue to struggle to secure the merchant services they need to operate smoothly. Without payment processing services, for example, merchants will be unable to accept and process debit and credit card purchases.

Unfortunately, merchants in this industry are often labeled as “high risk”. The reason being the term “tech support” has become synonymous with scams, “tech support scams”. Over the years, this has become a big issue, with countless individuals scammed out of their personal information and money. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers in 2015 and 2016 lost a total of $24.6 million to these scams.

Sadly, this has caused legitimate tech support businesses to encounter many obstacles when trying to find a merchant services provider willing to work with them. These businesses deserve the opportunity to partner with industry-leading merchant account providers, both to begin processing payments and to prevent and resolve issues like chargebacks.

If you’re a tech company and are currently struggling with this issue, check out the list below. These providers are known for providing exceptional services to tech support companies.


Operating since 2011, eMerchantBroker has long established itself as one of the top high-risk providers in the industry today. They specialize in working with high-risk merchants that have been turned down by other processors, providing them with high-risk merchant accounts or tech support, gateways, chargeback services, and more. As a full-suite provider, everything is handled in-house and 24/7 customer support is available via phone, chat, and email.

Allied Wallet

Headquartered in London, UK, Allied Wallet has been around since 2002 and has provided services to six million merchants. An award-winning payment processing company, Allied Wallet works with businesses of all sizes and conducts business in 196 countries. If accepting different currencies is a priority for you, Allied Wallet accepts 164 currencies. Keep in mind, that there is a lack of transparency about this processor’s pricing (it does not seem to be listed on their website).


Another option is Zombaio. Founded in 2007 with offices in London, UK; New York and Mountain View, USA; and Sweden, this company’s passion is technology. Its purpose and goal are to transform the payments industry. It has become a popular option for those considered “riskier”, like the adult industry. Customers also appreciate the long list of features and benefits they offer. One disadvantage is the few negative reviews the company has received online.