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Visa Warned E-Commerce Merchants to Migrate to Magento 2.x

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Payments processor Visa has warned e-commerce merchants to upgrade to the new version of Magento without losing time. This article will tell you the reason for such warning and help you with reliable merchant processing services.

Visa Warning E-Commerce Merchants

The warning means merchants who have an e-commerce store on Magento 1.x platform should start using Magento 2.x. The end-of-life (EoL) of the former was set in June 2020. The deadline for Adobe support was set in July 2020.

According to Adobe, every quarter would witness about 8.000 sites moving to Magento 2, thus making the number of the already existing sites (30.000) there even larger.

In October 2019, the FBI made an announcement concerning the rise in e-skimming threats towards not only government agencies but also SMBs involved in online payment processing.

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Why to Migrate to Magento 2.x

The reason for such announcement was associated with safety issues. Magento 1 would soon be left without any security fixes. So, if you had a site there, it wouldn’t be protected against security breaches and put payment card data at risk.

Visa works on making both Card-Present and Card-Not-Present payment services better protected and of higher quality. So, by migrating to the new version of Magento, you get an opportunity to better protect your store against attacks and make it PCI compliant.

As you see, due to quality and safety issues, Visa announced the importance of migrating to Magento 2.x before the EoL of Magento 1.x. Otherwise, e-commerce stores wouldn’t be safe against Magecart attacks or PCI compliant.

To avoid risks, it’s critical for you to start using Magento 2.x until the end of life of Magento 1 in June 2020. Also, work only with a respectable merchant processor to enjoy the best for your business needs.