Citcon Rolls Out a No-Code Plugin for Online Payments amid Increase in eCommerce Adoption

Saturday, August 29th, 2020

US payment provider Citcon recently announced the rollout of plugins that will enable web-only business platforms to initiate non-coded credit card transactions and payment from other avenues like China UnionPay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.

The no-code plugin will specifically allow spaces like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Commerce Cloud, and other similar sites to enable their merchants to accept the above-listed payments.

Citcon’s move marks a significant step into e-commerce in line with the surge in internet shopping thanks to the unexpected Coronavirus business closures and stay-indoors restrictions.

Referring to Stats by Adobe Digital Economy Index, the payment provider said United States’ online shopping market hit $153 billion in April & May. This digit was 7 percent more than Nov & Dec’s records at the peak of the festive shopping spree.

Quoting the same research, Citcon said the count of buy-online-pick-up-instore dealings in May was 195 percent greater than the volume for the same month in 2019.

“Global online shopping has recorded a substantial boost over the last few months, and we believe the e-commerce explosion will continue, along with a significant change in how shoppers pay for items,” said Citcon Boss, Wei Jiang, in a statement.

According to Citcon predictions, the no-code plugin will open doors to more than 2 billion shoppers in over 110 nations.

The plugin will benefit merchants by enabling faster checkouts and reducing the abandonment of items added to carts. It will also allow shoppers to purchase in their native currency and sellers to settle payments in USD or Canadian dollars.

Apart from eliminating the coding aspect, Citcon says its platforms will also accept all major payment methods and new trends in ecommerce payments.

Citcon has only been in operation for five years. The firm bases its service offerings on mounting PoS equipment to enable retailers in North America to take common Chinese mobile wallets.

In one of its recent efforts, Citcon partnered with app maker Tulip Retail to develop a solution that allows instore sellers to help shoppers check out via mobile.

And now, it has made a significant development into e-commerce at a time when web-only business platforms are searching for ways to diversify their payment acceptance avenues.

The urge to provide customers with alternative ways to pay “is shaping the tomorrow of e-commerce,” according to Chuck Huang, Creator of Citcon.

“And with the worldwide adoption of mobile devices, mobile-payment avenues are growing on a global front and increasing the volume of non-cash payments. Plus, with more and more consumers working remotely and keeping as much distance as possible, online shopping has never been so important.”